Religious Education

Religious Education

During the mid 1960s it was documented that University of the Pacific offered the degree called Bible and Religious Education (A.M, A.B) (pg. 25 UOP catalog). In the university catalog of 1964-1966 it was stated, “Individuals background, interest, and needs will be evaluated by the Department and the program designed for each student. Majors are accepted only with the approval of the Department”(pg.33). In order to graduate students had to complete two specific courses, a course in the Old Testament and another in the New Testament. In the early 1970s, the major name was changed from Bible and Religious Education to Religious Studies but there was no explanation as to why it transitioned.


Although students were admitted despite their religious beliefs or church membership they were expected to attend church once every Sunday and to observe the day in a proper manner (pg.21). Also stated, “All patrons, whatever religious views they have, are expected to recognize the spirit and purpose of the College, and to co-operate in promoting its endeavors in the field of education” (UOP catalog 1927-28). Students were required to attend assembly exercises because the university believed it had many benefits such as it considered the spiritual needs of the community but also because it conserved the students unity and was a good time to announce school events. The assembly could be missed by students only if they were excused for good reasons (UOP catalog 1927-28).


By the late 1930s the “Social Hall” was expanded by creating an attachment wing called Anderson Hall. Quickly it became the home for the YMCA and YWCA, which merged to form the “Student Christian Association”. Anderson Hall was Pacific’s “student union” until McCaffrey Center was built. (Gilberston 135). Religious organizations such as the Churchmanship Council took place in Anderson Hall. The Religious Life Committee also met there as well and they had information on religious activities such as Tuesday Chapel, Sunday Chapel, and religion emphasis week (UOP catalog 1949-50).

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