The University of the Pacific is a College that was built upon a religious background and religion played a huge role in many students’ lives throughout the years. It was founded in 1851 by a Methodist group. This association implemented religious requirements in each Pacific member’s life. These requirements will be discussed in depth in the next pages of the blog.

However, there are many important religious occurrences that must be acknowledged before examining subsequent years and events. The very first important educational conference was held in San Jose January 6-7, 1851.  They were discussing how this educational and religious organization will proceed. It was “To consult and advise as to the founding of a seminary of learning in this state under the patronage and control of the methodist episcopal church” ( PSA Handbook, 1951-1952).

Moreover, one of the first and biggest conferences at Pacific regarding religion was in 1854 the General conference of the Methodist church. At this meeting authorized bishop Beverly Waugh to select two young men of high qualifications for missionary service in California. The University held missionary work with the highest regard and the directors believed its valuable for one’s life. 

All through the years there were different religious requirements and attitudes towards religion. Press on the link below to walk through different years at the University to discover how religion played a role at the University and has changed over the years.

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