Filipino Christianity in Stockton

Filipino Christianity in Stockton

Special thank you to Professor Wurtz and the Holt-Atherton Archives at University of the Pacific for allowing us to use their archives as primary sources of research for our course materials. Also, we would like to extend our regards to the Seventh Day Adventist Church at Stockton for allowing us to experience their service and use it within our reports. Without your assistances, we would not have been able to complete our research, thank you very much!


Filipino Immigration from the Philippines to California

Summary of the mass immigration of Filipinos to California

by Jason

Assimilation for Filipinos in America

Summary on the assimilation process for Filipinos

by Claudia

Oral Histories and Christianity for Filipinos

Summary on oral histories from female Filipino immigrants and Christianity for Filipinos

by Sarah

Little Manila

Summary on Little Manila in Stockton

by Roze

Seventh Day Adventist Church: Observations at a Filipino Church

First hand observations at a Stockton Fil-Am Church

by Daniel

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